Cruise in Europe

Cruise in Europe

You want to go on a cruise in Europe? I propose you a guide to know everything about cruises in Europe, excursions, costs, good plans.

Cruise in Europe: Company

From Marseille, Nice, Le Havre Barcelona and others.

*MSC: has a fleet of 20 ships.

*Costa Cruises: a fleet of 17 ships

*Ponant: a fleet of 12 ships

*Royal Carribean has a fleet of 25 ships.

Cruise in Europe

There are several companies to make cruises in Europe and you will easily find yours with the greatest ease.
Follow me: I am Miss Tatane, a passionate « like you » of cruising, who has more than 15 years of sailing in the most beautiful places in Europe.
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Each of these companies offers incredible and luxurious ships.

Mediterranean Cruise stops

For all the ports of call in the Mediterranean that I have listed for you, I give you my opinion on the most beautiful. This opinion can be subjective because it is only the opinion of a tourist (like you) and some cruisers who give their precious opinion too.

I put you this symbol 👁 when it’s a stopover to see 👁👁 when you can’t miss it and 👁👁👁 to see at least once in your life because it’s heaven! To know everything click here👈

Cruise in Europe: Means of payment on a cruise


You can credit your onboard card with cash if you don’t want to leave your CB imprint. Sometimes it is better to control your expenses on board.


When boarding, you can leave your credit card imprint at the reception desk (secure payment) and they will debit your bank account directly.

*You will find reloading machines on the boat. You insert your credit card or cash and your card is credited.

If you have some money left at the end of the cruise, you will get it back at the reception or at the new machines installed on board.

To control your budget you can
*Stop by the reception desk to ask for a statement of your expenses

*Watch the TV in your cabin, you will see your balance of the day (very practical)

Cruise in Europe: Rates on board

Cruise in Europe: Rates on board

Soda costs (TTC) 3.5 euros

Coffee: 3.34 euros

Beer: 5 euros

Cocktail without alcohol: 7 euros

A cocktail with alcohol: 10 euros

Glass of wine: 3 euros (depending on the wine)

Blow dry 34 euros

The SPA: Massages range from 60 to 500 euros

Photos: 15 to 30 euros per photo

1 album with 5 photos of different formats: 100 euros

Excursions vary from 60 euros to more than 200 euros

A doctor count a good hundred euros for a consultation (24/24h)

Internet package: Count 12 euros for 1 hour to 300 euros for 30 hours.

What is your budget?

Small budget:

For one week the budget can be 50 euros. I already made cruises with such a budget because I did not go to the hairdresser on board nor to the SPA.

I know from experience that you can really enjoy a week on board a cruise ship when you can’t afford it.


Then if you like to be pampered even more you and want to have a massage or blow dry plus some extras on board then you would need a budget of about 300 euros.

Big budget:

« Enjoy without counting », go with 1,000 euros on average.

Cruise in Europe: Service charges on a cruise:

During your cruise, you will be charged a service fees, since 2021 it is mandatory!

Depending on the company, count 10 to 11 euros per night spent on board for an adult and 5/6 euros for children from 2 to 12 years old.👈🏻

At MSC the taxes are 10 euros per night and at Costa/Royal Caribbean 11 euros per night.

In addition to the fees, it is customary to leave tips for the staff on board. Please note that they are able to earn a more decent salary thanks to tips.

*Tipping is automatically charged on board or you can pay it when you make your reservation.

How much to tip?

Tips left as an indication:

*10 to 50 euros to the cabin steward.

*10 to 40 euros to the waiter of the gastronomic restaurant, who pampers us every night. These are often tables of 6, 8, when everyone gives, it is a good salary for the staff at the end of the month.

*1 to 5 euros to waiters and waitresses.

This is really an average of what the cruise passengers give on board. You have people who don’t give anything and others who do. Everyone does with his means!

Drinks packages on cruise

When you book your cruise, be aware that very often the drink package is extra.

If you want to have a drink during the day or in the evening, you will have to pay with your boarding pass if you do not have the package. Otherwise, the solution adopted by most customers is to buy the packages:

  • Without alcohol
  • With alcohol

Cruise in Europe: The particular regimes in cruise:

No worries for people with special diets, because on board everything is planned for you! You will find according to your dietary requirements these menus:

Gluten-free cuisine:
All cruise lines are equal. Just let them know your intolerance or dietary requirements and it’s done

Vegetarian menus:
Made up of specialties freshly prepared by the chefs.

Cashers meals:
Make your request two months before departure

Halal meals:
Apply two months prior to departure

At MSC if you have special needs you must download and complete this form 👈 .

And if you are traveling with Costa, Royal or Ponant specify your request when booking and they will forward to the company.

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